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I personally manage every aspect of communication with my clients and I am very keen on making sure that terms and conditions are transparent and completely understandable. For this purpose, I want to explain clearly how prices are formulated and how licensing concessions work in relation to your use of my creations. My goal is to meet my clients’ needs across the board; that includes meeting their expectations from an artistic point of view, but also on a commercial and use level. In addition to seeking the appropriate graphic solution through a wide range of bespoke proposals, together with the client I evaluate their requests, and always find a suitable response to their usage requirements. The purpose of this section is to clarify the issue of "End User License Agreements”, covering all aspects from costs to duration, renewability and potentially exclusive use, through to the purchase of the graphic sketch and acquisition of concept rights. I work closely with my clients in order to reach a shared understanding of their usage needs. This careful evaluation leads to the formulation of a suitable, personalized rate for each one of my clients. I dedicate my utmost care to meet customer satisfaction across all aspects of my work, and this includes the final use of the product and its placement. Some clients will be interested in buying a product with exclusive rights for all media, while others might need my creations to be applied to a specific product only. In the latter case, my rates will be lower, as the same image will be available for other clients to purchase as well. For example, a client who is interested in the "Santa Claus 2017" image for the production of greeting cards will have access to a lower rate, as this means that I am able to sell the same image to other clients who are interested in using it for different purposes (for example, to produce Christmas bags or window stickers, etc.).


I want to offer our customers the best solutions from a graphic, aesthetic and innovation point of view, whilst maintaining the most favourable possible price. To this purpose, I offer a wide range of license agreements: Purchase of a drawing and acquisition of rights Exclusive use for X years Exclusive use for X months… User licence renewal for another X years My clients’ requirements are very varied, and so are the potential applications for each of my products / art creations. A sketch can be used for greeting cards or jigsaw puzzles, home decorations or window stickers, bags or packaging , gadgets printed on different materials, etc ... In addition to type and duration of use, another variable affecting price is the extent of the geographical area for which a license is purchased. Clearly, the smaller the area, the more favourable my rates will be, as this enables me to sell the same design in other countries. In this industry sector, the typical duration of a user license is between 3 and 5 years; however, with my products you can choose different durations according to your own needs. Christmas designs with a three-year license will include three Christmas sales periods. Shortly before the end of the first license period, I will contact you to offer first refusal to extend licence. I always protect your right to renewal, which means that you have renewal priority over all other clients. The design in question will only be placed on the market again in case you refuse to renew your license. Standard license includes special conditions for those clients who renew their license, and the longer the duration of the renewal, the more favourable my rates are. When I work for you, the more you buy, the less you spend, and I am always available to answer any queries you might have. I constantly strive to produce original works of art in different styles to accommodate the demands of its long standing partners as well as those of new clients. I have been working for years with consistency and reliability and my work has earned professional recognition both in Italy and abroad. I take pride in fulfilling the demands of my clients through the provision of high quality products at competitive rates. My key strengths lie in my ability to find professional, prompt and bespoke solutions for my clients.


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